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The LUCA device proves its readiness for a better thyroid cancer screening

As the LUCA project comes to a close, the LUCA device proves its potential as a low-cost device that provides provide better and more specific results in thyroid nodule screening.
Posted on Monday 31 May 2021

New LUCA video: Clara and Bob

A new video explains the basics of the optics involved in LUCA and other photonics devices. Watch it now here.
Posted on Friday 23 April 2021

LUCA talks available online

The talks of our LUCA conference are now publicly available. Watch them online on our website.
Posted on Friday 6 November 2020

Exhibition on collaborations

On occasion of the LUCA conference, find out all about our collaborations with industry and other European projects and initiatives.
Posted on Thursday 5 November 2020

Online Panel Discussion

LUCA will hold an online panel discussion with clinicians and researchers on "Diffuse optics and clinical ultrasound, exploring new applications" on November 12, 2020, 17.00-19.00 (CET). Read more to find out all about the program.
Posted on Wednesday 28 October 2020

Register now: LUCA Conference

The LUCA Conference will take place on November 5, 2020. Read more to find out what we have in store and how to participate in this public online event.
Posted on Tuesday 13 October 2020

New LUCA video

Watch the new LUCA video to find out more about the LUCA parntners and their role in the project.
Posted on Tuesday 15 September 2020

LUCA Project Extension

Responding to the COVID-19 situation, the European Commission recently agreed to extend the LUCA project for ten months until May 31, 2021.
Posted on Tuesday 25 August 2020

News from LUCA

Read up on the latest news from LUCA and the project's collaboration with the artist Reiko Yamada.
Posted on Thursday 7 May 2020

Interivew with artist Reiko Yamada

In this interview, composer and sound artist Reiko Yamada talks about her colloaboration with LUCA and her project Beyond Absolute.
Posted on Thursday 30 April 2020

Merging Art and Science

Watch artist Reiko Yamada explain her sound-art project "Beyond Absolute" based on data from the LUCA device.
Posted on Monday 2 March 2020

LUCA Project Extended

The European Commission recently agreed to extend the LUCA project for six months until July 31, 2020.
Posted on Thursday 12 December 2019

7th Consortium Meeting

On November 27-28, 2019, the LUCA consortium held its 7th CGA Meeting in Milan, IT.
Posted on Friday 29 November 2019

LUCA Policy Brief

As part of the EC's "Common Dissemination Booster" initiative, the H2020 projects LUCA, SOLUS and PAMMOTH have developed a joint policy brief.
Posted on Thursday 21 November 2019

LUCA Research and Art

LUCA continues its collaboration with the artistic research project "Beyond Absolute" by Reiko Yamada supported by the VERTIGO project.
Posted on Wednesday 20 November 2019

European Researchers' Night 2019

The LUCA project formed part of the European Researchers' Night in Barcelona on September 27, 2019.
Posted on Thursday 31 October 2019

LUCA Project on Twitter

LUCA is now on Twitter! Stay tuned for the latest information on our project by following @LUCA_H2020.
Posted on Tuesday 25 June 2019

4th LUCA Newsletter out!

The fourth LUCA Newsletter is out now! Read about the latest news and results from the LUCA Project.
Posted on Thursday 9 May 2019

Interview with Mattia Squarcia

Watch the interview with Mattia Squarcia by Le JT de l'ECR online.
Posted on Monday 4 March 2019

LUCA at ECR 2019

The LUCA project was presented at the EIBIR Lounge at the European Congress of Radiology 2019 in Vienna/AT.
Posted on Sunday 3 March 2019

New LUCA video out

The LUCA consortium has just released a new video explaining the science behind the project and the new, low-cost solution for thyroid cancer screening it will provide.
Posted on Tuesday 26 February 2019

Beyond Absolute

As part of the VERTIGO project, the artist Reiko Yamada has developed an artistic project called "Beyond Absolute" which will be based on the results of LUCA.
Posted on Wednesday 20 February 2019

First in vivo tests carried out

On January 24, 2019, the LUCA Team carried out the first in vivo tests with the LUCA demonstrator.
Posted on Friday 25 January 2019

LUCA 6th Consortium Meeting

For the 6th LUCA Consortium & General Assembly Meeting, IDIBAPS welcomed the proejct partners to their premises in Barcelona, ES, on December 4-5, 2018.
Posted on Monday 10 December 2018

LUCA goes to Tokyo

LUCA was presented at the fNIRS 2018 conference in Tokyo, Japan, on October 5-8, 2018.
Posted on Friday 12 October 2018


At MEETmeTONIGHT 2018, students and interested members of the public met with LUCA researchers and learned about the project activities.
Posted on Monday 1 October 2018

LUCA 5th Consortium Meeting

LUCA partner VERMON hosted the 5th LUCA Consortium & General Assembly Meeting on July 4 and 5, 2018, in Tours, FR.
Posted on Thursday 5 July 2018

Now available: 3rd LUCA Newsletter

The 3rd issue of the LUCA Newsletter is now available bringing you the latest news from the LUCA Project.
Posted on Thursday 22 March 2018

LUCA at OSA Biophotonics Congress

The Optical Society (OSA) features LUCA in its confrence news releases and Lorenzo Cortese (ICFO) will present the project’s progress at the OSA Biophotonics Congress in Hollywood, Florida, 3-6 April 2018.
Posted on Monday 19 March 2018

LUCA @ECR 2018 - Watch Online!

Udo Weigel (HEMO) presented the latest results of the LUCA project at ECR 2018. The full presentation is now available online!
Posted on Friday 2 March 2018

LUCA in the world of art

LUCA has been selected to participate in the VERTIGO STARTS Artistic Residencies Program, which organises collaborations between artists and research and development projects.
Posted on Tuesday 20 February 2018

Interview with Marco Renna (POLIMI)

In this interview, Marco Renna provides a glimpse into LUCA through the POLIMI Team.
Posted on Thursday 18 January 2018

LUCA selected for new EC service

LUCA joines forces with two H2020 projects to participate in the “Common Dissemination Booster”, a pilot programme of the European Commission to boost dissemination capabilities and outreach.
Posted on Tuesday 16 January 2018

Interview with Alberto Tosi (POLIMI)

Alberto Tosi is Associate Professor of Electronics at Politecnico di Milano. In this interview, he talks about his involvement in LUCA and his work on the LUCA device.
Posted on Sunday 14 January 2018

Meet the POLIMI team: Davide Contini

Davide Contini ist Associate Professor of Physics with Politecnico di Milano. In this interview he explains his role in the LUCA project.
Posted on Wednesday 10 January 2018

LUCA 4th Consortium Meeting

The 4th LUCA Consortium General Assembly was held at the University of Birmingham, UK, on November 30 and December 1, 2017.
Posted on Monday 4 December 2017

Meet Antonio Suárez

Read our interview with Antonio Suárez, a thyroid cancer patient.
Posted on Friday 1 December 2017

Medica 2017

A key SME partner from the LUCA project consortium is exhibiting its products and showcases information material on LUCA at Medica 2017 in Düsseldorf from November 13-16.
Posted on Monday 13 November 2017

Hot off the press: 2nd LUCA Newsletter

The second LUCA Newsletter is out now! Find out about the latest news from the LUCA Project.
Posted on Friday 8 September 2017

Luca completes 1st project period

The LUCA consortium has successfully concluded the first project period.
Posted on Thursday 10 August 2017

Interview with Sixte de Fraguier (ECM)

Find out more about industry involvement in the LUCA Project and hear about ECM's contribution from Sixte de Fraguier.
Posted on Monday 10 July 2017


LUCA was presented in 6 talks, including an invited paper, at the European Conferences on Biomedical Optics (ECBO), 25-29 June 2017, in Munich, DE.
Posted on Friday 30 June 2017

LUCA Junior Researchers: Interview with Giuseppe Lo Presti

Giuseppe Lo Presti is one of the junior researchers working on the LUCA project. Read up on his experiences with and involvement in the project.
Posted on Friday 23 June 2017

LUCA Junior Researchers: Interview with Lorenzo Cortese

LUCA interviewed the junior researchers working on the project. Lorezo Cortese tells us about his role in the project and his experiences.
Posted on Thursday 15 June 2017

LUCA 3rd Consortium Meeting

The 3rd LUCA Consortium General Assembly took place in Milan, Italy, on May 18-19, 2017.
Posted on Friday 19 May 2017

LUCA at ECR 2017 - Watch Online

Prof. Turgut Durduran delivered a presentation on "Multimodal imaging with diffuse optics for cancer theranostics" during ECR 2017. The video is now available online.
Posted on Friday 10 March 2017

LUCA in ECR Today 2017

The LUCA project was featured in the daily newspaper of the European Congress of Radiology on 3 March 2017.
Posted on Friday 3 March 2017

New LUCA folder

Hot-off-the-press: The new LUCA folder is now available.
Posted on Thursday 2 March 2017

Out Now: 1st LUCA Newsletter

The first LUCA Newsletter is out now! Find out about the latest news from the LUCA Project.
Posted on Wednesday 1 March 2017

Interview with Dr. Puig-Domingo (MAB)

LUCA interviewed one of its Medical Advisory Board members, Dr. Manuel Puig-Domingo. Read up on his views on the LUCA technology and the benefits and challenges he sees for the project.
Posted on Tuesday 21 February 2017

Interview with Dr. Turgut Durduran (LUCA Scientific Coordinator)

Find out more about the LUCA project directly from our Scientific Coordinator Prof. Turgut Durduran.
Posted on Monday 12 December 2016

LUCA 2nd Consortium Meeting

On September 29-30, 2016, the LUCA partners met at ICFO in Barcelona/ES for their 2nd Consortium General Assembly Meeting.
Posted on Friday 30 September 2016

LUCA on YouTube

LUCA now has its own YouTube channel. Subscribe and check out our latest video!
Posted on Thursday 28 April 2016

LUCA at ECR 2016

The European Congress of Radiology's congress newspaper ECR Today featured an in-depth article about the LUCA project.
Posted on Wednesday 27 April 2016

LUCA Kick-off Meeting

The LUCA kick off meeting took place on February 21 and 22, 2016 in Vienna, AT.
Posted on Monday 25 April 2016